High Performance TEam


The High Performance Team works actively with the board, our coaches, members, and athletes to raise the overall level of boxing in the province. This will be accomplished through seminars, physical testing, training camps and the implementation of High Performance training protocols. In this way we will insure that our BC athletes enjoy a smooth and successful transition to National and International level competition.


Team BC is made up of the top athletes in the province and represents Boxing BC at the National Championships as well as various other International and out of province competitions. Team membership is determined annually following the Provincial Championships and is based on competition results, activity, and the adherence to High Performance Training guidelines.


The High Performance team is responsible for selecting athletes for Team BC. 



The first of 2 spots will be awarded to the Gold Medalist at the BC Provincial
Championships (walkovers will not automatically be on the team and selection will be subject to the same criteria as below).


The second spot will be appointed by the Provincial Coaching Staff using the following criteria:

  • Activity of the Athlete (goal of 10 bouts per year)
  • Attendance at Provincial Training Camps
  • Technical ability
  • Potential to excel at National level
  • Box-offs can be ordered to facilitate decision making but will not be mandatory


Boxers will accumulate points during the season for activity and be seeded going into the following years Provincial Championships.

The purpose of this system is to motivate and encourage our BC athletes to maintain the activity and level of competition consistent with success at a national level.


Athletes successful in the Provincial Championships will receive:

  • GOLD: 5000 points
  • SILVER: 3000 points
  • BRONZE: 1000 point

Provincial Medallists will start the new season with these respective points totals.

All athletes who do not medal at the previous year’s provincials will start the new season with zero points.


Athletes will be awarded points throughout the season as follows:

  • WIN: 1000 points
  • LOSS or EXHIBITION: 250 points


  • WIN: 1000 points for each win 
  • TOURNAMENT WINNER: 1000 points
  • LOSS OR EXHIBITION: 250 points for each match


Using the total points accumulated through the season, athletes will then be seeded into Provincial Championships.

1st place seeded athlete will box last place seeded athlete. 2nd place seeded athlete will box second to last seeded athlete and so on.

Points totals and rankings will be tracked on the Boxing BC website and be available for reference to all members. Rankings will be updated promptly following each competition.




Appointed by the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include team selection criteria; athlete recruitment; developmental camps; the selection of travelling teams and talent identification. Refer to Policies for further duties and responsibilities.​

20 years coaching experience and a member of the provincial coaching staff since 2017. International experience as a coach and competitor in Australia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Italy, and France. Highlights have been facilitating training camps in Cuba and Mexico, running a boxing clinic in Nicaragua for at risk youth, and the ongoing work with the other members of the BC High Performance team to raise the level of our provincial programs. ​



Shall assume the position of the President in his/ her absence. Responsibilities shall include organization of tournaments, games and major competition planning; liaising with all Boxing BC sanctioned events; liaison with Boxing Canada for Nationals; liaison for other Provinces for events.

Dave has been involved in boxing since 1999. He has a B.Sc in Biological Life Science from UBC and is a National Level Coach in Canada, a Star 1 Coach Internationally, and received his professional Coach designation in 2017. Dave has coached athletes in competition across Canada, in the USA as well as in Cuba, Mexico and Ireland. One of his highlights as a coach was when he was the Head Coach for Team BC at the Canadian Winter Games in 2019.  As an athlete, his highlight was winning the 2015 BC Golden Gloves at 91+kg. Dave is a member of the Executive as 1st Vice President, and strives to keep Boxing BC as a dominant force at the Nationals. Outside of his time as Head Coach at Griffins Boxing and Fitness, Dave spends time with his three kids, his wife and his motorcycle.



Seth is a US born sport scientist that has been based out of Victoria since early 2018. Educated in New Zealand, Seth has multiple advanced degrees in exercise science, strength and conditioning, and sports biomechanics. In his time as a practitioner Seth has worked at the highest levels of sport, engaging with elite athletes and teams in boxing, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, America’s Cup, professional rugby, and at the Olympic level.



Responsibilities are to act as liaison between Coaches and the Executive of Boxing BC; to coordinate clinics for the certification of British Columbia Coaches; to promote and assist with the education of Coaches in regards to certification and upgrading; assist the Provincial Team Coach with developmental camps.​

Kalan is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has obtained a Master of Science in Kinesiology degree while currently completing his PhD in the same program.

Having worked with Boxing BC for 3 years as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kalan facilitates and manages the High Performance teams strength & conditioning requirements including bi-annual fitness testing at Boxing BC training camps, physical training programs, periodization plans, and athlete physical development.​​

Furthermore, as the Director of Coaching Development, Kalan works directly with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Boxing BC coaches to help further the development and certification of Boxing BC coaches.​

Kalan was an elite combat sport athlete for over a decade, having represented both Team BC and Team Canada at National & International events, before becoming a High Performance coach for the past 5 years. He trains a variety of combat sport athletes every day and works to help optimize their performance in sport.​


Is, upon election, automatically one of Boxing BC’s two representatives to Boxing Canada and shall be registered with the National body as the representative for British Columbia holding the national vote; is Chairman of all Boxing BC and Executive/ Board Meetings and is a member ex-officio of all Committees; is a signing officer on all Boxing BC’s accounts; presides at all meetings in which he/ she is the Chair and his/ her rulings, when concurred with by the Executive, are final; shall prepare and present an annual report at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The Presidency is for a term of two years and the incumbent can succeed him/ herself in future elections.

Ryan started boxing in 1995 and had over 70 amateur bouts. In 1999 Ryan won the Junior National Championships and went on to represent Canada at the World Junior Championships in Puebla Mexico in 2000. Ryan has been actively involved as an Executive and Board member of Boxing BC since 2010 and has been President of the association since 2014. Ryan is also currently active as a level IV referee and judge.

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