Sport organizations in British Columbia are committed to creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects their participants personal goals and is free from all forms of Maltreatment. As part of Boxing BC’s commitment to Safe Sport our staff and board have completed Commit to Kids training.


Boxing BC has a fundamental obligation and responsibility to protect the health, safety and physical and mental well-being of every individual that is involved in the Canadian boxing community.

Boxing BC takes any situation involving misconduct or maltreatment very seriously. For this reason, Boxing BC is committed to enacting and enforcing strong, clear, and effective policies and processes for preventing and addressing all forms of misconduct or maltreatment.

The policies are intended to promote a Safe Sport environment in a manner that allows for consistent, immediate, appropriate, and meaningful action should any issues arise, and they are also intended to prevent issues from arising in the first place by communicating expected standards of behaviour.


Should any individuals involved with Boxing BC, including but not limited to Athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents/guardians of Athletes, wish to report any instance of misconduct or maltreatment, they may do so directly to Boxing BC’s Issues Committee who is responsible for managing complaints, which will then determine the appropriate forum and manner to address the complaint to the Issues Committee.

The Issues Committee can be reached at

For Boxing BC’s detailed Safe Sport policy, please see below.