1. Permission for these bouts is at the sole discretion of the head official. These bouts will be permitted when the criteria for actual bouts cannot be fully met. The head official for the event will consider the participants’ differences in age, weight, experience, and any other relevant circumstances in determining whether the Developmental/Exhibition bout should be allowed.
  2. The audience must be informed that this bout is noncompetitive.
  3. The referee will control the bouts from inside the ring. The referee will oversee the bout and intervene as necessary should the bout become too aggressive.
  4. Glove preference for these bouts will be 16 oz but smaller could be used for lighter Boxers.
  5. These bouts will have round lengths no greater than those defined for regular bouts but can be shorter if mutually agreed upon.
  6. Coaches must not encourage their boxer to be overly aggressive. Heavy blows are discouraged – Referees will stop the match if overt aggression is observed.
  7. The bouts will not be judged. Both boxers will be declared winners in the ring and in their boxing Passports.
  8. The Developmental/Exhibition bouts can be part of any show or tournament, but these bouts should take place at the beginning of the show, prior to judged bouts.
  9. Maximum weight, age, and experience differences should not vary significantly from that defined for a regular bout.