All Charity events sanctioned by Boxing BC need to adhere to rules and principles as designated to 14 items below:

  1. Minimum training period of 6-8 weeks with a verification process
  2. All participants must be registered with boxing BC at least 8 weeks prior to the event with mandatory “Boxing Canada Medical Form”
  3. All matches must be reviewed and approved by Boxing BC
  4. Number of rounds not to exceed 3 x 2-minute rounds
  5. 16 oz gloves for all competitors over 120lbs
  6. A maximum of 2 knockdowns or standing 8-counts permitted in a before stoppage, with the provision that the referee may stop the bout if safety is compromised at any time.
  7. Only Boxing BC certified officials to be used for the event
  8. Pre-fight medical exam mandatory
  9. Post fight medical exam mandatory
  10. No alcohol or regulated substances can be consumed by the participants prior to the event on the day of the event
  11. 11. 2 primary care paramedics (pcp) licensed in the province of BC must be in attendance at the event with basic life support equipment
  12. If more than 10 bouts, 2 medical physicians licensed practice in the province of BC required at the event.
  13. 1 physician must be at ring side at all times during the bout
  14. All Boxing Canada approved protective equipment are mandatory.